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Our clients are enthusiastic about the level of service they have received from Vortex Computers. Read what they have to say about Vortex Computers!

We were spending hours a day per representative copying and pasting or re-typing information from one system to another.  Now, we just hit a hotkey, and the data magically appears!  Every one of our representatives are so much more productive, that we were able to pull our help wanted ads we had circulating.  If only we had known sooner how much money we could have saved!!!

-Ryan M.
Operations Manager, Major International Chemical Corporation

We receive faxes from drivers day and night.  Mike was able to automatically retrieve the faxes from the fax server and insert the information into Salesforce.  Now, users just use the one interface without having to switch screens.  Our project came in over $250,000 under budget thanks to Mike at Vortex.  We have several other projects in the planning stages, and he has been pivotal in designing the workflows throughout.  He has been reachable at all hours, day and night; patiently answering all our questions. Well worth the money and more!!

-Roger O.
Vice President of Information Systems

We refer any legacy issues or issues escalated beyond our abilities to Vortex Computers.  Our clients have been incredibly pleased with their service and so have we!  I wish I had one technician with Mike's knowledge and experience!

- John M.
President, Pathway Computers

Working in E-discovery for a major law firm, being able to handle technical issues in a timely and efficient manner is a must.  No matter how high-pressure or technically demanding the projects have been, Mike has consistently come through for us.  Due to his extensive troubleshooting skills, legacy technology knowledge, and programming prowess, he has saved our firm tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars.

- Donald R.
Senior Litigation Support Specialist, Thompson Coburn, LLP

My brother built me a computer that had simply slowed to a crawl. Mike from Vortex Computers was not only able to speed it back up, but was able to fix some "minor" errors my brother made during assembly.  A few years later, Vortex upgraded that computer for less than $3oo, allowing my son to play the video games his friends love.

- Carolyn A.
Loyal Customer